Ice Class1A hatchless LNG-fuelled coastal container feeder vessels

Owners seeking high confidentiality are ready to disrupt the current land transportation system with a niche series of energy efficient, LNG-fuelled customized hatchless ice class1A container feeder vessels that will have a high manoeuvrability, very fast turnaround time with efficient cargo loading/unloading and protection against iced waters sailing.

The Owners are a strong Industrial group but with no maritime or shipping experience, however, they wish to invest in a niche segment they strongly believe.

They have worked out already the idea with a Designer of their preference and seek partnership for further project materialization and execution.

The engagement of FINOCEAN is supporting the Owners and pre-selected designers to materialize a niche business idea into a successful newbuilding contract:

  • Supporting the Designer to optimize the design and specifications for shipbuilding contracting such as to meet the Owner’s budget targets
  • Tendering of the design to the Shipyards on behalf of the Owners
  • Supporting in contract negotiations and newbuilding project management on execution basis
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