Luxury ’boutique’ expedition 120m passenger/cargo combination vessel

An Owner from Australia has developed a highly promising business plan of serving a highly increasing demand for luxury boutique small cruise vessels capable to reach new unexplored virgin locations offering expedition, adventure and leisure to Asian high profile tourists, while at the same time catering for an equally increased demand of local goods, from dry bulk to containers that are missing from the supply chain, with secured employment in place for over a decade.

The project is candidate for Green ship grant from local government, so she has to exhibit some significant environmental protection specifications, which is currently worked with innovative technology partners.

In this project FINOCEAN is undertaking complete project management as exclusively assigned by the Owners, including:

  • concept development together with the Owners for the intended trade profile, analyzing the commercial benefits to be gained
  • selecting on behalf of Owners the most suitable designer to perform the design development
  • undertaking Shipyards yard candidate profiling, selection and tendering
  • Negotiations with the Shipyards for Newbuilding contract signing
  • Generating business plan for Investors sourcing and involvement
  • Sourcing commercial and financial partners for the project materialization
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