Medium scale LNG/multigas carrier with innovative Type B containment tank system

The Owner is looking to develop a 30.000 m3 LNG/multigas carrier under a potential 15 year time charter contract with a US major.

Significant economies of scale are sought, since containment tank systems for such ships are either too expensive and complicated in structure or too heavy and with low volumetric efficiency.

At the same time, a wide beam ship concept is preferred since the ship needs to reach max 6m of draft.

The solution is found via a customized super-wide beam shallow draft design incorporating an innovative Type B containment tank system that has a simple structure and provides less production risk at the Shipyard, while enabling a volumetric efficiency of 78%.

FINOCEAN undertakes to support the Owner in:

  • Evaluating and selecting the best design features for such ship with the particular Type B tank,
  • Supporting the Type B tank manufacturer to optimize the supply scope specification to fit a cost-efficient approach to the Yard,
  • Supporting the Broker of the Owner to deliver improved specifications and discuss with the Shipyards on the suitable production procedures,
  • Undertaking project management after the newbuilding contract signed in the Yard, in co-ordination with the Newbuilding team.

Conversion of a 140m Multipurpose vessel in a side-loading wood pallet carrier

Due to the necessity for fleet renewal a prospective Owner has approached the charterer for a possible Conversion of a multipurpose vessel that would match the dimensions to a wood pallet carrier so that she can be available within 2020.

The Owner needs to select the best possible existing candidate that will need the least modifications for the purpose, as the budget is quite tight and the equipment needed for the wood pallets loading is quite expensive.

Fast actions and accurate targeting are needed.

FINOCEAN undertakes to support the Owners in:

  • Sourcing via our global partners network the best ship candidates for the purpose, with accurate definitions of what is sought for
  • Making a technical pre-assessment of each short-listed candidates conversion works and costs
  • Undertaking design review towards best possible design candidates with experience in such conversions history and delivered projects
  • Forming a conversion specification and initiating immediate yard tendering

LNG-fuelled post panamax bulk carrier series

A prospective Owner from North Europe is opting to serve a reputable dry cargo major with a modern series of post panamax sized bulk carriers burning LNG as fuel.

The main locations of the trade justify the selection of LNG as fuel, due to LNG bunkering availability being started and to be increased during the next forthcoming years.

While the effort is to have the most efficiently customized design for a specific ROI target.

Owner have high preference to work with their dedicated ship broker and they are looking for numerous design options.

FINOCEAN is assigned to work in close collaboration with Owners and ship brokers to guide towards most optimized ship design and specification development that will render the ship materializable and easily negotiable to the target shipbuilding price that will satisfy the Business Plan and the Investor’s willingness to become engaged.

Ice Class1A hatchless LNG-fuelled coastal container feeder vessels

Owners seeking high confidentiality are ready to disrupt the current land transportation system with a niche series of energy efficient, LNG-fuelled customized hatchless ice class1A container feeder vessels that will have a high manoeuvrability, very fast turnaround time with efficient cargo loading/unloading and protection against iced waters sailing.

The Owners are a strong Industrial group but with no maritime or shipping experience, however, they wish to invest in a niche segment they strongly believe.

They have worked out already the idea with a Designer of their preference and seek partnership for further project materialization and execution.

The engagement of FINOCEAN is supporting the Owners and pre-selected designers to materialize a niche business idea into a successful newbuilding contract:

  • Supporting the Designer to optimize the design and specifications for shipbuilding contracting such as to meet the Owner’s budget targets
  • Tendering of the design to the Shipyards on behalf of the Owners
  • Supporting in contract negotiations and newbuilding project management on execution basis

Luxury ’boutique’ expedition 120m passenger/cargo combination vessel

An Owner from Australia has developed a highly promising business plan of serving a highly increasing demand for luxury boutique small cruise vessels capable to reach new unexplored virgin locations offering expedition, adventure and leisure to Asian high profile tourists, while at the same time catering for an equally increased demand of local goods, from dry bulk to containers that are missing from the supply chain, with secured employment in place for over a decade.

The project is candidate for Green ship grant from local government, so she has to exhibit some significant environmental protection specifications, which is currently worked with innovative technology partners.

In this project FINOCEAN is undertaking complete project management as exclusively assigned by the Owners, including:

  • concept development together with the Owners for the intended trade profile, analyzing the commercial benefits to be gained
  • selecting on behalf of Owners the most suitable designer to perform the design development
  • undertaking Shipyards yard candidate profiling, selection and tendering
  • Negotiations with the Shipyards for Newbuilding contract signing
  • Generating business plan for Investors sourcing and involvement
  • Sourcing commercial and financial partners for the project materialization