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White Paper: Reliable Wind Sensing in WASP applications

Finocean has contributed considerably to the development of a White Paper issued together with INSENSYS UK for highlighting and explaining the importance of utilizing reliable wind sensing systems on board when WASP (Wind-assisted propulsion / wind propulsion) systems are installed.  The delivery of thrust from WASP / wind-assisted / wind propulsion technologies currently relies on […]

The Positive Impact of WASP in the CII score

An eye-opening paper was presented in the Royal Institute of Naval Architects (RINA) conference ‘Managing CII and Associated Challenges’ in London. The carbon intensity per ton-mile of transportation work, as represented by the CII and applied for medium sized to large commercial oceangoing cargo ships is considerably affected by each voyage emissions.  Wind-assisted propulsion (and […]

FINOCEAN becomes Associate Member of INTERCARGO

During 14th of February 2023, FINOCEAN has been accepted as an Associate Member of INTERCARGO. One of the most prestigious institutions in shipping, the International Association of Dry Cargo Ship Owners, is pursuing to identify pathways tosustainability and commercial viability for the future series of dry cargo ships, while finding workable methods and means for […]

The Wind Alliance: Changing the Game

There starts to be now a better clarity on how to cope with the EEXI regulations. A bit less than 1 year from implementation, the great majority of ship owners are converging to undertake the below short-term remedies: Engine Power Limitation, Minor hull interventions – esp. on the aft part, with small scale ESD, ducts, […]

A 3 years programme of exhaust gas scrubber retrofits under successful completion

Our Purpose in the shipping industry is to Empower Efficiency, not only for ship Owners, Designers, Shipyards and other stakeholders, but also for Technology Providers. Since early 2017 in Finocean we have been receiving the continuous requests from our Ship Owner clients to support them in Scrubber retrofit appraisals and benchmarking for their Investment decisions, […]

FINOCEAN joins the Finnish Association of Naval Architects (LARADI)

We are proud to become member of such a prestigious Finnish naval architect and marine engineer community, which counts more than 300 members. Finland, and especially the City of Turku, is a place where Engineering excellence for ship design and state-of-the-art marine technology has been developed by shaping a Top Class qualitycharacter of its product […]

Finocean joins forces with BlueWASP

When it comes to studying applications of wind assisted ship propulsion, a complex environment of highl influential parameters have to be considered, in order to evaluate as accurately and as realistically as possible the anticipated benefits of wind propulsion technologies on a given ship type, ship size and ship built specification.   Finocean has over […]

Finocean becomes member of the Zero Emission Ship Technology Association

During April 2018, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) adopted through the 72nd Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) meeting an initial strategy on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from ships, setting out a vision to reduce GHG emissions from international shipping and phase them out, as soon as possible in this century. The main goal […]

Finocean becomes a Partner in the Joint Industry Project ‘WISP’ for Wind Propulsion

Together with 12 Leading shipping Industry experts and stakeholders, among which American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and MARIN ship model basin and research institute in Netherlands, Finocean is teaming up to support and effect the WISP Joint Industry Project. The acronym stands for ‘WInd Assisted Ship Propulsion’ project, and the objective is to overcome barriers […]

Kamsarmax vs Panamax: The Workhorse bulk carrier of the Seas

Since my early Naval architecture University study days, I recall visiting along with my peers a 73.000 dwt ‘panamax’ bulk carrier in the vicinity of Piraeus port for an educational tour on board. Looked like a massive beast when approached side by side from the transport boatbelow the main deck, with the ship that time […]