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Finocean joins forces with BlueWASP

When it comes to studying applications of wind assisted ship propulsion, a complex environment of highl influential parameters have to be considered, in order to evaluate as accurately and as realistically as possible the anticipated benefits of wind propulsion technologies on a given ship type, ship size and ship built specification.   Finocean has over […]

Finocean becomes a Partner in the Joint Industry Project ‘WISP’ for Wind Propulsion

Together with 12 Leading shipping Industry experts and stakeholders, among which American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and MARIN ship model basin and research institute in Netherlands, Finocean is teaming up to support and effect the WISP Joint Industry Project. The acronym stands for ‘WInd Assisted Ship Propulsion’ project, and the objective is to overcome barriers […]

Kamsarmax vs Panamax: The Workhorse bulk carrier of the Seas

Since my early Naval architecture University study days, I recall visiting along with my peers a 73.000 dwt ‘panamax’ bulk carrier in the vicinity of Piraeus port for an educational tour on board. Looked like a massive beast when approached side by side from the transport boatbelow the main deck, with the ship that time […]

LNG-fuelled post panamax bulk carrier series

A prospective Owner from North Europe is opting to serve a reputable dry cargo major with a modern series of post panamax sized bulk carriers burning LNG as fuel. The main locations of the trade justify the selection of LNG as fuel, due to LNG bunkering availability being started and to be increased during the […]

Ice Class1A hatchless LNG-fuelled coastal container feeder vessels

Owners seeking high confidentiality are ready to disrupt the current land transportation system with a niche series of energy efficient, LNG-fuelled customized hatchless ice class1A container feeder vessels that will have a high manoeuvrability, very fast turnaround time with efficient cargo loading/unloading and protection against iced waters sailing. The Owners are a strong Industrial group […]

Luxury ’boutique’ expedition 120m passenger/cargo combination vessel

An Owner from Australia has developed a highly promising business plan of serving a highly increasing demand for luxury boutique small cruise vessels capable to reach new unexplored virgin locations offering expedition, adventure and leisure to Asian high profile tourists, while at the same time catering for an equally increased demand of local goods, from […]