Konstantinos Fakiolas

Founder of Finocean Ltd

Naval Architect & Marine Engineer, Msc, MBA

Dear Partners,

The Shipping industry is an exciting one to devote your life, your profession, your dreams.

As a highly respectful shipping industry player had once told me: ‘Kostas, the Ship is a blessing for Mankind’.

She is indeed.

She connects the Continents around the world.

She brings a huge variety and wealth of goods which are vital for people that do not have immediate land access to them.

She connects civilizations and breeds Conquerors of any kind.

She brings Value and Benefit to everyone around her: the cargo owners, the cargo traders, the charterers, the financiers, the asset owners, the insurance companies, the suppliers, the engineers, the builders, you name it.

But She finally needs a face-lift.

There are close to 100.000 ships right there in the waters globally, designed and built around limitations and compromises.

Limitations of length, limitations of draft, limitations of height, limitations of power, limitations of tonnage.

Compromises of fuel consumption versus speed of trade, compromises of cargo intake versus steel weight.

At the same time, we want Her to be more efficient, more environmentally friendly, safer, more affordable and asking Her to bring us higher profits.

To maximize the efficiency and profitability of a such a restraint masterpiece crafted with compromises around such high demands, we need to re-Invent Her.

Finocean Ltd is founded with a Mission to make Her a Better ship that will fit in a New Maritime Ecosystem that is evolving.

To build Her around the global trade lanes, the orientation, volume and frequency of which are constantly changing.

To make Her pollute less and consume less energy.

To Make the older sisters Up so that they compete with the new generation of younger ships.

To turn Her more profitable.

To inspire current technology providers to make Her more Attractive, to inspire newcomers in the industry to assign new values to Her.


Finocean and our partners are concentrating each more than 20 years activity and hands-on experience in the shipping and marine technology industry.

We have commonly participated over the last 10 years in more than 300 ships projects, of which more than 130 such being developed as tailor-fit, customized ships designed for ultimate optimization and higher income benefits.

We are the only few to have a combined Expertise of understanding the shipping market fundamentals, the cargo volumes and flows, develop benchmarking for suitable ships, enter into design proposals and optimization for improved ship versions that can be taken into successful negotiations and contractual materialization in the most suitable shipyards.

This is the time to Invite shipowners, stake holders and investors around the world to let them benefit from the change that is coming, that of the shipping industry’s transformation through re-inventing optimization.


We offer a scalable range of services and we accommodate the interests of numerous engaged parties.

Those of the most suitable ship designers for the purpose, the ship owners with a sustainable growth mentality, the cargo traders who seek for improved fleets, the Shipping Investors who seek higher returns, the shipbrokers who wish to serve best their trusted shipowners, the shipyards who strive for breakthrough deliveries.

We are the suitable business development partners for established marine technology providers who seek ways to increase their market share and improve their value proposition to the new shipping environment, but also for supporting newcomers and start-up entrepreneurs who are really keen on making the change and need accelerated market recognition and expansion.


Our team is the lifeblood of our Vision for delivering Better ships.

They are well-screened Ship designers, evaluated for their competences and specialization.

They are collaborating newbuilding partners who ensure to maintain competitiveness of every ship contract deal.

They are selective and trustworthy shipping specialists that have the resources and influence to secure the success of a project materialization.


First of all, discretion and confidentiality are our ultimate values, especially when it comes to supporting ship owners getting the competitive edge they are seeking.

The same applies towards our design partners and technology providers, since our mission is to engage them on a business development perspective.

We work with all industry members, we respect relationships and trust between long term partners.

Our involvement can be scalable, ranging from initial stage project optimization down to complete project development and execution management, depending on the level of support and enforcement any of our partners would need.

  • For long established, well reputable ship owners or technology providers with current market recognition, we engage to provide the insightfulness and convective force that solidifies any new business effort initiated in the shipping market, where our specialization can make an impact.

We are working closely with their trusted partners (i.e. ship brokers, ship designers, shipyards, technology providers of their selection) to strengthen the potential of their overall investment effort and add any further value that cannot be sourced further.

  • For medium sized or new ship owners but with high growth pursuit, we undertake a larger role to render their effort highly competitive and fully adaptable to the market.

We will be drafting a business plan, we will work on the ship concept and develop a roadmap for any project materialization, introducing the best partners for the case.

We will orchestrate the project negotiations and make sure the engaged partners are working on the same scope and purpose.

If needed, we will support the newbuilding project management to ensure smooth and reliable execution and completion.

  • For start-up or newly established or local acting technology providers, who have a real value to deposit in the market, we can develop their business potential exponentially and with global reach.

We study their technology offered, we provide market insight and ship benchmarking applicability.

We work on business planning and market share acquisition strategies and bring the information and market intelligence needed for fast implementation of their solutions.

Aiming to support them gaining fast and recognizable references, we spread their reputation through our global network and undertake project management for such pilot projects to guide them towards effective technical implementation and commercial development.

We source for them global business partners, representatives and agents and we set up for them a sustainable long-term business establishment.

You are Very Welcome to embark with us on a Journey towards Success and Sustainability for your business and professional endeavours.