Customizing Newbuilding projects

Aiming to develop better, more profitable ships for the International trades.

We are guiding ship designers, shipyards and shipbrokers to attract and generate customized but commercially feasible newbuilding projects.

Offering ship owners, cargo majors and investors the highest return/benefit on their business venture.

Specializing in Wind Assisted Propulsion

Finocean actively supports the development of a such very promising technology adaptation in ship designs for newbuildings but also for retrofitting existing ships.

Valid studies, pilot testing and proven early references have demonstrated that Wind can become a significant source of Pure, Green and fully measurable energy for Ship propulsion.

Developing Business for Marine Start-Ups and Scale-Ups

The Shipping industry is functioning through process and structures that can flourish within the zone of Reliability: It is by far a cultural environment showing great cautiousness when it comes to radical differentiation, unless applied in large scale and homogeneity.

At the same time, novel and even disruptive technological advancements are needed.