Customized Newbuilding projects

Aiming to develop better, more profitable ships for the International trades.

We are guiding ship designers, shipyards and shipbrokers to attract and generate customized but commercially feasible newbuilding projects.

Offering ship owners, cargo majors and investors the highest return/benefit on their business venture.

Efficient Ship Upgrades and Retrofits

By listening to ship owners continuous worries how to maximize the ship’s lifetime and profitability.
We study together and select the most suitable, optimal, market-tested available system and service.
Aiming to extend and enhance the operational utilization of every ship by increasing further competitiveness.

Supporting technology providers

With a deep and wide experience in the shipping industry’s technology adaptation and utilization mechanisms. We assist prospective trend-setters and over-achievers in the maritime manufacturing segment to develop their visibility, reputation and networking.
By sourcing best suited reference projects and offering continuous market and client intelligence on worldwide scale.