FINOCEAN joins the Finnish Association of Naval Architects (LARADI)

We are proud to become member of such a prestigious Finnish naval architect and marine engineer community, which counts more than 300 members.

Finland, and especially the City of Turku, is a place where Engineering excellence for ship design and state-of-the-art marine technology has been developed by shaping a Top Class qualitycharacter of its product and services, uninterruptedly since 1950’s, establishing a large tradition and history in European shipbuilding.

We feel honoured to enter a professionalAssociation of highly educated, highly skilful and sharp-minded professionals, having the opportunity to support them in solutions development and sharing experiences from our daily working life.

Finland is about Inspiration, Freedom to experiment, Space to develop craftmanship and a righteous, solid foundation of a State that supportsEntrepreneurship, enabling to unravel a huge marine engineering and naval architecture talent cultivated during hundreds of years and multiple generations in this beautiful land of the Nordics.

In Finocean we shall do our utmost to represent and support deservedly LARADI,throughthe best of our forces available, every time.