Finocean joins forces with BlueWASP

When it comes to studying applications of wind assisted ship propulsion, a complex environment of highl influential parameters have to be considered, in order to evaluate as accurately and as realistically as possible the anticipated benefits of wind propulsion technologies on a given ship type, ship size and ship built specification.


Finocean has over 20 years of experience in development, project management, contracting and technical insightfulness of modern, customized ship design applications coupled with technological applications and methods focusing on maximizing energy efficiency.


BlueWASP collaboration comes to reinforce the provision of an Independent, Holistic analysis of wind propulsion applications that becomes the most critical part of any such Investment by ship owners and operators looking for the best possible decarbonization options and regulatory compliance for their ships.

BlueWASP founders are Giovanni Bordogna and Nico van der Kolk, two bright highly specialized PhD scientists who have developed an Artificial Intelligence based method to provide prediction assessments and simulations of performance for any wind propulsion technology on any given ship type and size.

By Joining forces, Finocean can provide Integrated project management services for Wind Propulsion projects, in both Retrofits and Newbuildings, comprised of:

  • Wind system feasibility study (Independently)
  • Ship-specific Performance analysis
  • Investment & Contract consulting (with the wind technology provider of Owner’s preference)
  • Full project management and engineering for materialization


We would be pleased to receive your inquiries and guide through the process of developing wind assisted ship propulsion projects together.