FINOCEAN becomes Associate Member of INTERCARGO

During 14th of February 2023, FINOCEAN has been accepted as an Associate Member of INTERCARGO.

One of the most prestigious institutions in shipping, the International Association of Dry Cargo Ship Owners, is pursuing to identify pathways tosustainability and commercial viability for the future series of dry cargo ships, while finding workable methods and means for improving existing vessels carbon footprint.

Through this Membership, Finocean strives to primarily provide technical advisory and expertise for wind-assist propulsion (WASP) ship integration for the best cost-benefit installations per each cargo ship category, category and size.

Additionally, Finocean is here to provideany guidance sought by INTERCARGO ship owners membersfor developing customized designs towards building the next generation of ultra-low& zero emission bulk carriers, multi-purpose vessels, general cargo and other specialized dry ships with the highest possible DWT capacity, best possible redundancy, and lowest possible emissions.

A big Thank You to the IntercargoChairman Mr. Dimitrios Fafalios and theExecutive committee for Finocean acceptance, it will be our great honour to support your efforts and pursuits.