Conversion of a 140m Multipurpose vessel in a side-loading wood pallet carrier

Due to the necessity for fleet renewal a prospective Owner has approached the charterer for a possible Conversion of a multipurpose vessel that would match the dimensions to a wood pallet carrier so that she can be available within 2020.

The Owner needs to select the best possible existing candidate that will need the least modifications for the purpose, as the budget is quite tight and the equipment needed for the wood pallets loading is quite expensive.

Fast actions and accurate targeting are needed.

FINOCEAN undertakes to support the Owners in:

  • Sourcing via our global partners network the best ship candidates for the purpose, with accurate definitions of what is sought for
  • Making a technical pre-assessment of each short-listed candidates conversion works and costs
  • Undertaking design review towards best possible design candidates with experience in such conversions history and delivered projects
  • Forming a conversion specification and initiating immediate yard tendering
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